xmenavengesherlockjackson asked: Um hi, sorry if I'm annoying but I just wanted to let you know that I'm going through and editing who I follow and your blog was so awesome I decided to keep you. :) yeah just wanted to let you know your great and stuff. Bye :) xx

Oi! Thanks. I know I am rather quiet lately, but I am finally through my hospital stay and will soon be home. :) I am so thrilled you’re keeping me, despite the recent quietness.


Anonymous asked: Hey Braindeer, I need the link or image of one of your favorite age appropriate, modern au Elsanna fanarts for the cover picture of a story I'm writing with a friend. Any ideas? (oh, and if you have it, give me the artist's name so I can give credit!) -Thedoctor24601

Uhh…  you’re asking the wrong person. I am not an Elsanna fan. :)

Approximately how I feel today #3(#1, #2)

Approximately how I feel today #3
(#1, #2)

I cannot unsee this.

Yeah… siraphan noticed the absolutely inexplicable lack of Disney princess potoos.



Wish granted.

Didnts see that one coming

Trust me, I did not either when I originally thought about this gifset.


"You have a beautiful apartment, a steady income and a great partner, you have no reason to have a depression."
. about as helpful as

"You don’t smoke and you live in the mountains, you have no reason to have lung cancer."

Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a little new to Tumblr but I love coming here to checkout the great artwork especially for Disney related things. But I have something I want to ask you, would you help me promote my Wicked Petition. Basically I want to start a petition that gets enough attention that Disney will have no choice but to FINALLY animate Wicked! I've already set up the petition page. So can you help me???

Wtf, no. [Note: ~this is my personal opinion~] Luckily, Disney does not have the rights to Wicked and I hope Stephen Schwartz is not planning to sell those rights thoughtlessly. Disney makes great movies, but they are really apt at messing up the stories to suit their intentions - and dear FSM, am I scared of what they would do to Wicked. Glinda would have some really annoying, cute, talking bunny, and Elphaba would run around with a little green snake as her closest friend, completely negating he role as a lonely outcast. And they would somehow manage to merge Chistery and The Wizard of Oz into one giant, evil thing. Nope, nope, *no*!

Wish granted.